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AYSO Adult League 5043

League Rules & Regulations

AYSO 5043 was formed in 2008 for the Volunteers of AYSO Region 2 as a RECREATIONAL Co-ed soccer league to promote friendly competition and build friendships within the Region.


  • Players must be currently registered as an active volunteer within Area 1C, and demonstrate a minimum of 12 hours of volunteer service per AYSO 5043 season to be eligible to play.
  • Players registered outside of Region 2 must be sponsored by a registered Region 2 volunteer/player and a League Official.
  • Registration priority will be (a) honorary member, (b) board member, (c) coach / assistant coach, (d) referee, (e) team parent, (f) volunteer with more than 12 hours of volunteering, (g) volunteers with 12 hours of volunteering.
  • Registration is online on the adult league website.
  • Minimum age to participate is 20 years old, and player must not be eligible to play on any AYSO roster for the entire calendar year.
  • Only players registered for the current season are eligible to play in post season play and pick-up games.


  • Fees are due in full at the time of registration.  No exceptions.
  • A team jersey and socks are provided.  Team jerseys are to be returned back to the Team Manager at the end of the last game of the season.  There will be a $30 charge for lost or not returned jerseys.
  •  Players who are suspended from the league because of any misconduct will not get their registration fees refunded back to them.
    All other refunds are subject to executive board’s decision.


  • Players are drafted before the start of each season by Team Managers identified by League Board.
  • Team Managers will provide the referee with a properly filled out game card before the start of the game. 


  • Referee jurisdiction begins when he/she arrives at the field, and ends when he/she leaves.
  •  Referee decisions are final and not subject to protest.
  •  All games will be officiated by a three (3) man referee team, using the standard diagonal system of control and will be USSF Certified Referees.


  • Games shall be governed by FIFA's Laws of the Game and USSF policies, except as modified by local rules.
  • Each game will consist of two equal periods of the play time decided prior to the season, with a 5-minute halftime. A short break will be taken approximately halfway through each period for substitutions.
  • All regular-season games are considered friendlies.  No standings are kept.
  • The referee will promptly start the game clock at the scheduled time. The referee may shorten any game to accommodate the schedule.
  • All players must check in with the referee prior to playing and should be present for pregame safety instructions.
  • This is a 11 v.11 co-ed league. A minimum of seven (7) players from each team must be present to begin a match, one of which must be a female player. 
  • If at any time a team has no female player on the field of play, that team will play down a player.
  • Every player that is present at the start of the match must play a minimum half game (and half of remaining game if not present at start of the match).
  • A 15-minute grace period before the game is declared a forfeit, only during playoff games.
  • Substitutions are made at period breaks unless a player on the field requests to be substituted.
  • All substitutions are made only with the referee’s permission. Player(s) must leave the field of play before the substitution enters.  All players should expect to be substituted.
  • Substitutions are allowed on Ball Advantage only.  If the advantage team calls for a substitution, then the defense is allowed to sub as well at that time.  Goal kicks and kickoffs are the exceptions.
  • All goals scored by a female player, including KFPM will count as one goal point for her team.


  • Player conduct should be in the spirit of good sportsmanship both on and off the field. Misconduct by players or Team Managers may result in disciplinary action as outlined in these rules.
  • Dissent by Word, Gesture, or Action will result in a Caution, and shown a Yellow Card.
  • Yellow Cards will be issued for standard FIFA warranted infractions, including Careless or Reckless Play, and Foul Language.
  • Sliding or Diving in the proximity of ANY player will be an automatic Yellow Card.
  • Contact with a female player initiated by a male player will result in a foul and/or cautioned with a Yellow Card.
  • Player receiving a Yellow Card infraction has to leave the match for a period of five (5) minutes of play.
  • The player may be substituted by another player from the same team with the referee's permission.
  • Player receiving three (3) Yellow Cards during the season will be prohibited from playing in the next game and will be fined $50.
  • Any player who receives a Red Card for Violent Conduct or Serious Foul Play will be prohibited from playing the next two games, will be fined $75, and may be subject to dismissal for the remainder of the season.
  • Red Cards will be issued for standard FIFA warranted infractions.
  • Player receiving more than one Red Card for Violent Conduct or Serious Foul Play will, at a minimum, be fined $100, and will be dismissed from the League for the remainder of the season.
  • All fines must be submitted to and received by a League Official before any player is eligible to play.
  • Player will receive a first and final warning for any dissent, foul gesture or violent foul.  A second miscount by the player will result in a permanent suspension from the League.
  • Remedies for situations or circumstances not listed in the rules, including warning, suspension, or dismissal from the League, will be reviewed and addressed in a manner deemed appropriate by League Officials.

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